Hungary - From mouth-watering food to traditional folk culture

The central European country offers something for everyone. Its capital - Budapest is vibrant and beautiful throughout the whole year; however, it definitely has a unique charm in the winter, especially during the festive season, when the streets are dressed in glistening lights. Hungary can also offer amazing food, tons of natural beauty and some of the world’s finest thermal baths. Everywhere you go in Hungary, you will see old and beautiful architecture. In Budapest, you can walk around a whole day, just looking at old buildings and still haven’t seen them all. Visit Buda Castle – in UNESCO World Heritage list; Hollóko - a colorful village, where the traditional way of life is still alive or Esztergom - one of the oldest towns in the country and literally breathe history on every corner. Whatever you choose to do or to visit in here, you will soon find out why Hungary is unquestionably one of the most immersive destinations in all of Europe

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