Sweden - Truth be told, the best thing about Sweden is its natural beauty

Whether it’s the lush green of southern Sweden or the stark beauty of the north, Sweden is a nature-lover’s paradise. With almost 100,000 lakes, several impressive mountain ranges, bucolic forests, rolling fields, the midnight sun and the northern lights, there’s pretty much something for everyone. Hiking, camping, cycling, skiing, skating, boating, fishing and foraging for mushrooms and berries are all major Swedish pastimes, and it’s easy to get in on the action from just about anywhere in the country. This is also a country with impeccable style! There are no boring outfits on the streets of Stockholm, and the care with which houses, cottages, cafes and public spaces are decorated and kept up throughout the country is truly inspiring. Sweden is a country rich with history and has been well preserved with architecture, churches, narrow alleys and cobbled street. Viking ruins and the stories surrounding them are very much a part of the modern Swedish landscape, and it’s easy to feel as if you’re walking through history when you wander around the country. As a bonus, several Swedish museums do an excellent job of distilling and explaining that history in fascinating ways. Ice floes and rocky shores, quiet forests and bustling cities, locals sipping coffee, sharing a laugh, surrounded by lush greenery — Sweden is a unique mix of things and a visit here is not just about seeing the history or eating the food, it’s about experiencing a way of life, immersing yourself in an idealistic culture where equality is valued and the future is now.

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