NewsMonday, 19 August, 2019
 The first electric bus in Cyprus, will be acquired by the Municipality of Paphos in the coming months. The project, within the framework of a European program on sustainable mobility within tourist areas, has a projected cost of two hundred and eighteen thousand euros.

According to local news site Politis, the aim of the Municipality is to create an environmentally friendly route, connecting the city centre with the sea front areas and attractions. It is intended that it will serve not only tourists who want to get to know Paphos but also locals - including those with mobility problems - and will reduce the reliance on cars.

The project includes the purchase of the electric bus, cost of delivery, training of staff who will be required to operate it, as well as the installation of the vehicle charging station. The municipality, according to the official, has not yet planned the route for the electric bus, nor has it determined the stops it will serve, which is expected to be done soon.

The project ECORouTs (Joint Actions for the Creation of "Green" - Environmentally Friendly Routes within Tourist Areas) aim is to reduce CO2 emissions and other harmful gases, both for human health and the natural environment and to promote actions to reduce environmental hazards arising from urban transport.

Another goal of the decision to set up this route in Paphos is to enhance access to user-friendly information services in order to increase the accessibility and attractiveness of tourist areas.

According to the Municipality of Paphos, the creation of a system within urban areas with notable tourist traffic, which are characterised by high levels of air pollution such as the project area, will have the effect of rebuilding a quality standard of living for residents in a healthier and cleaner environment.


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