Reasons Why MYKONOS Is A Perfect Destination For DIGITAL NOMADS

The digital nomad lifestyle has become significantly more popular in recent years due to a number of factors. Internet connectivity becoming more widespread, even to rural areas, has helped people travel to more areas (digital nomad or otherwise). Jobs becoming less location-dependent (such as graphic designers and writers) has also contributed to the ease of the digital nomad lifestyle. 

Working online as a freelancer is the best way to avoid the daily routine, feel happier and choose your favourite place to run your office. Digital nomads and freelancers are the future, and working remotely gives you the opportunity to discover new places and not any more find your job boring.

Imagine being able to have the liberty to travel and work from any place you please, like a beautiful, sunny Greek Island.

Although the choice of destinations for a digital nomad are not only incredible but infinite, only a handful of them qualifies to be a perfect hotspot for digital nomads. It is therefore no surprise that the buzzing Island of Mykonos, in Greece, tops the list and for a good number of reasons, too, like high quality life, diminishing work stress and many activities to enjoy once you close your laptop.

Ideal Location

Greece is a country lying in the crosshairs of three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. That’s why it has become a meeting point of culture, food and remote workers.
Moving within Greece is easy and convenient. Short distances and the presence of many budget airlines make it affordable to access Mykonos

High-speed network

Internet connection is a top prerequisite for digital nomads, as it is a vital part of their day-to-day life. Among a plethora of great destinations, Mykonos scores above others when it comes to accessibility and connectivity.

Eating Out & Vibrant Nightlife

Mykonos stands out for its food and great restaurants. It also ranks among the top cities with a great nightlife, which is essential for digital nomads who work hard throughout the day. This glamorous party spot will not disappoint you.

Restaurants, clubs, bars and beach venues… the possibilities are endless. Concierge Service providers in Mykonos have the know-how and can advise and arrange the perfect activity for any occasion.

Personal Safety

Another important aspect any remote worker considers is personal safety. Every digital nomad is loaded with expensive gadgets, like cameras, laptops and mobile phones. Their care cannot be overlooked.

Mykonos is far better than any city in Greece, or even the world, when it comes to personal safety and security. Besides, high quality security teams in the island guarantee the best protection services, short or long-term.

Convenient Time Zone

For the entrepreneur who wishes to sleep late, Mykonos is the perfect place to work. The country is seven hours ahead of EST, meaning you can start work at ‘tea-time’ if your company is based in North America.

If your business partners are based in Asia (Japan or China), then if you rise a bit early, all business can be completed by noon. Now, if you are dealing with businesses in Europe, then you are only a couple of hours ahead of their office timings, which again is very convenient.

Greece… a Beautiful Country!

Perfect weather, rich history, beautiful nature and diverse culture have made Greece an ideal country for remote workers to do business and at the same time enjoy the sun. The magnificent island of Mykonos, with many wonders and points of interest, is perfect for digital nomads who have been used to working within confined spaces most of the time.

Many entrepreneurs visit Mykonos with the intention of having a good holiday, but eventually end up loving the place. The local community is diverse, but extremely friendly and caring.


A wide range of private villas in Mykonos, near the sea or on the hills, with breathtaking views, private pools and premium features and amenities, in a wide variety of sizes, will satisfy small or big groups of digital nomads / co-workers.

So, if you are thinking of quitting your nine-to-five job, avoiding the daily routine, feeling happier and finding the best place to run your office, then you are ready to become a digital nomad and visit Mykonos for a unique working experience!

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